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Aonia is a consultancy specialising in the education sector. We work not only with colleges and universities, but also with publishers, hardware and software developers, governments, companies, and foundations. We develop tailor-made projects with the aim of improving the learning experience.


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Thousands of teachers, students and managers have worked on projects developed by Aonia, not only in Spain, but also in Africa, Latin America and the United States.


Of the teachers say they would repeat the experience

Thousands of experiences, applications, activities…

Collected in our bank, available to teachers

Teachers have developed their digital skills with us

Specialised tutors 

With national and international recognition


iPads, tablets, computers, mobile phones.


Microsoft, Google and Apple.

Advisors and content creators for

Public administrations and publishers 

We have great support


If you want to go far, go together



Microsoft for Education


Google Cloud Partner



Virtual Educa

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